Longest Nipples

January 12, 2009

wifeys world

Well our latest update goes to show that resolutions are easily broken 😉 One of my resolutions was to make sure that Hubby was gonna have to BEG me to get his hands on my boobs before I’d allow it (yeah- like anyone would ever believe I’d want that, lol) Anyway, I was getting ready for a party we were going to and he comes traipsing in, not a care in the world. He sees me standing there wearing the dress (no bra of course) and I guess my protruding nipples must have mesmerized him!


Next thing ya know were rolling around in the family room with a camcorder pointed at my ass! I told him I’d kill him if he shot off on my face so I made sure I held the hose when it started cumming! (my aim seems to better, lol) Anyway, come on over and see it- it was a good one! See ya soon- Wifey

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