Happy Holidays!


Well, wouldn’t you know it- Sissy shows up just in time for Christmas hoping to get a present. And as luck would have it, she just happened to show up when I was at the mall Christmas shopping and Hubby was home alone (I swear that slut sits at the end of my road with binoculars just waiting for me to leave!!)

She is so slutty that she came over with NO PANTIES on right in front of my husband! Then she saunters over to the couch, gets on all fours and arches her back so that her skirt falls up to her waist which leaves her ass and pussy (pardon my language) right there staring him in the face? I mean, I know Hubby’s a faithful guy but even I might not be able to resist that! (wait a minute, something isn’t right about that last statement.. 😉

Anyway, I didn’t get too pissed- I mean, she did THROW herself at him and all it was was sex.. right? I mean, I’m sure Hubby would afford me the same latitude?.. 😉 Come and see the fun!

Happy Holidays everyone- stay safe!!